Flut in Pakistan

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Die schweren Regenfälle in Pakistan haben nicht nur eine Flutkatastrophe unvorstellbaren Maßes, sondern auch eine humanitäre Katastrophe ausgelöst. Mehr als 20 Millionen Menschen sind von dieser Katastrophe betroffen.

Ich stehe im Moment in Kontakt mit meinem aus Pakistan stammenden Arbeitskollegen. Er hat gerade seine Familie in Pakistan besucht als Pakistan von der Flutkatastrophe heimgesucht wurde. Hier Auszüge aus E-Mails, die er mir zwischen den Stromausfällen schicken konnte:

The next day, I was told that we have no communication with my uncles(maternal and paternal). Our both villages have been flooded and all one can see is water. No one knows what is beneath. All of our property and crops are gone. In some places where water has descended, the left over mud is like 4 to 5 ft high. In our village the flash floods hit around mid night, trapping so many people. Hundreds of Buffaloes, goats and other pet animals along with human bodies are half buried in the mud. There is a very bad and injurious to health stinking smell all over the place. There is huge shortage of food supplies. Making things worse, the price of bread has jumped 15 times higher. Its very ugly situation out here.

The situation is as worst as one can imagine. My city and village were
the first areas which got flooded and most of infrastructure and
houses are demolished. We had so many people who took refuge with us
at our city home in Peshawar. Rescue part of the effort is over, now
the relief operation is in progress and rehabilitation would take
months to years. Today my brother took cooked food for about 200
people and is still away. Everyone is giving half of their food to the
affectees, but the scale of the disaster is so big. It unmanageable
at times. Soil is so much saturated that a glass of water is not even absorbed,
it gets flown. Because of the standing water, so many diseases have
broken out. Skin and ophthalmological diseases are very common.

Nafees ist direkt vor Ort und hilft den Menschen beispielsweise sich eine neue Unterkunft zu bauen und neues Getreide anzupflanzen.

Um ihm dabei zu Helfen kannst Du ihm per Western Union Geld schicken.
Empfänger: NAFEES UR REHMAN, Stadt: PESHAWAR, Pakistan.
Das geht entweder online auf westernunion.de
oder in jeder Western Union Geschäftsstelle (zum Beispiel im Bahnhof Konstanz).

Wenn du möchtest kannst Du das Geld auch gerne mir zukommen lassen und ich sorge dann dafür das es bei Nafees und seiner Familie ankommt.

Hier noch ein Auszug einer eMail in der Nafees beschreibt wie er helfen möchte:

As I mentioned in my previous communication I wanted to contribute to make an impact in our best capacity. My coordinated plan with those who affected is as follows:

1. We need to construct shelter ROOMS on safer piece of land in their ownership. Big enough to accommodate all of the family members ( Family average size here is 7 to 8). This would help them live under a roof at least protecting them from the rain, sun, heat and from various insects(mosquitoes, flies, snakes etc).

2. To help them stand on their own feet as continous support would not be that much possible, I plan to help them buy seeds for the next cultivation season so that they can grow some crops and vegetables (which is their main source of income). Further, will arrange for smaller carts/stalls which they can use to sell various items so that they can come back to life and make money for themselves.

The prices of construction material is on its way to a peak. An urgent contribution can really make a difference. I will keep all of you posted and informed of each of the progress here made in this direction. I will leave back for Konstanz by the middle of the next month, I will appreciate an early contribution to at least start the project in my own observation

Wir zählen auf deine Unterstützung!

Vielen Dank!


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