Personal Update

It has been a while since the last time I posted a blog post here. The reasons have been manyfold and include becoming a father for the first time, starting a job in industry while finishing up my PhD thesis and moving to a new house and all that at almost the exact same time 😉

All these milestones in my life obviously  shifted some the priorities in my life. This does not mean that the blog is no longer important for me, but I needed some time to decide in which direction I would like to go with this blog. After some time I know decided what I want this blog to be. I want it to be a reflection of my thoughts and ideas both professional and personal. This means that in the future I will write about

  • topics evolving around (automotive) software engineering, project management as well as functional safety
  • but also web development and technology in general and hobby-projects (e.g. home automation)
  • and I will write about my life as a dad

In terms of language I have not entirely decided whether all my blog posts will be in English or whether maybe the more personal ones will be in German.

I’m also not yet sure in which frequency I will be able to write blog posts but initially I will aim at one post per month … so keep tuned 😉

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