Update aus Pakistan

Heute habe ich von Nafees eine eMail bekommen, in der über die aktuelle Lage informiert.

I find the dictionary helpless to find words to thank you all for this sincere effort & generous donation.

Today I spent all of my day at the two sites where we started to make scratch paper design for the rooms. The most difficult part is to find mason and workers. They are hard to find as every one affected. And all in locality are somehow busy repairing and making their own homes (only those who can afford).

It was a very hot day today. And you also know its Ramadan and I was fasting. I drank about 10 glass as soon as I break my fast. Anyways, I bought four fans (Pedestal) today for 4 families as they have children and nothing to help them dry their sweats and some relief from the heat. Also did some grocery shopping for them. There is so much that I want to write, but am dead tired and have to go early in the morning to the construction site as I am now a supervisor there.

Please update colleagues and other donors too. I plan to keep all of you updated with bitwise proceedings and will send you the photos too. Just arranged a camera today from a friend for this purpose.

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